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Places to visit in Sawai Madhopur – Rajasthan Plus
Sawai Madhopur

Places to visit in Sawai Madhopur

Sawai madhopur

Sawai madhopur

Sawai Madhopur is popularly known as the “Tiger city” of Rajasthan. This city is positioned in the Sawai Madhopur district of the Rajasthan state. Sawai Madhopur is a significant town of Rajasthan owing to its interesting fables and histories. The province around Sawai Madhopur is huge with bits and pieces of its olden times. Huge wells, barricades, Hunting Inn’s and Mosques embellish the affluent undulating knolls of the Aravalis and the Vindhyas .The Sawai Madhopur is the abode of the well-known “Ranthambhor National Park” and also for the “Ranthambhor Fort”. This city is very famous for its sweet guavas.

History of Sawai Madhopur:

The city of Sawai Madhopur was established in the year 1765 AD and was named after its creator “Sawai Madho Singh 1” of Jaipur city. The invasion of Mughal monarch brought several changes in the political record of North India including the state of Rajasthan. Govinda, the grandson of “Prithviraj Chauhan” established his rule at Ranthambhore and continued to rule from this place for about 12 years paying for non-stop combats in opposition to the Sultanate. Later, Rana Kumbha took the Ranthambhor Fort into his custody by the mid 15th century. After the demise of Aurangzeb emperor, the Ranthambhor fort went under the custody of the Jaipur rulers.

Famous tourist attractions and temples in and around Sawai madhopur

1. Ranthmbhore Fort : The Ranthmbhore Fort is an exclusive Rajput Fort. The Ranthmbhore Fort is 12 kms away from the Resort. It is probably the only fort which is not noticeable from a long remoteness. The Ranthmbhore Fort is a huge commune and far above the ground as well. The famous Mughal monarch, “Shah Alam” gifted this fort to “Sawai Madho Singh I” of Jaipur in the year 1754 AD. Since then, the fort was maintained as a classified hunting conserve. After few years, “Queen Elizabeth 2” and the “Duke of Edinburgh” became part of the imperial hunting and stayed in this Fort as well.

2. The Ranthambhor National Park : The famous Ranthambhor Tiger Reserve is placed on the intersection of the Aravali & Vindhyas mountain ranges, just 14 Kms away from the Sawai Madhopur urban. The Ranthambhor National Park spreads out over a wide-ranging and rolling landscape. Aside from being a dwelling to tigers, the Ranthambore National Park offers protection to an astonishing selection of animals and plants including more than 50 marine plant species, 300 plant species, over 100 rare herb species and other trailing plants and grasses. This place is also lodges more than 270 bird species and nearly 30 dissimilar mammal species. You can see Wild boars, Leopards, Langurs, Crocodiles, Jungle Cats, Sloth Bears, Chinkaras ,Hyenas, Blue Bulls, Sambhar, Partridges, the Asiatic Deer Doves, Flycatchers, Storks, Hawk Eagles and Kingfishers in the Ranthomber National park. Migrant birds such as Ruddy Shelducks, Pintails and Greylag Geese can also be seen at this park during winter season of the year.

3. Balas at Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary : The Balas at Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary is approximately 10 Kilometers away from Sawai Madhopur City. This sanctuary for wildlife is located in the beautiful vicinity of the Aravalli knolls. It is a perfect bonus trip or substitutes the expedition in the famous the Ranthombore National Park. This sanctuary has rocky hillsides, striking landscape, birds and wildlife. This place is one of the finest habitats in the region for several wild animals like the Indian Coarser, Honey Buzzard and the Leopard.

4. Ranthambhor Ganesh Temple : The Ranthambhor Ganesha Temple is the key magnetism of the Sawai Madhopur. Thousands of people arrive at this place from all parts of India to seek the blessings from Lord Ganesh for contentment and wealth. A fascinating part is the letter that is sent to Lord Ganesha. The mails include the wedding invitations primarily. A special fair is conducted on the “Bhadrapad Sudi Chaturthi” at this temple.

5. Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple : Just around the corner of Ranthambhor National Park, cuddled up in the middle of the elevated hills is the holy Amareshwar Mahadeo temple. This is a very popular excursion spot in Sawai Madhopur town.

6. The Rameshwaram Dham : Approximately 60 kms away from Sawai Madhopur, this Dham is on the banks of Chambal and Banas River. The Dham has a gorgeous Shiva temple where a grand fair is conducted once a year on Shiv Ratri day.

7. Chamatkar Ji Temple : The Chamatkar Ji Temple is placed on the main road to Sawai Madhopur Township. This famous temple is well-known for many marvels and wonders. The name “ChamatkarJi” means the god who performs wonders and marvels. Every year, a grand fair is conducted at this temple on “Sarad Poornima”.

8. The Kala-Gaura Bhairwa Temple : A “Tantric” of Lord Bhairava lies on the right side of the city gate touching the mountains heights. Gigantic elephants with hoisted tusks are seen on the gates of the temple. Most important appeals of the temple are the “Kala-Gaura Bhairvas” dressed up in “Rajsi” and “Tamasi” styles correspondingly.

9. The Khandar Fort : The Khandar fort is the fortification of the “Taragarh” of prehistoric times. This fort is located 40 Kilometers away from the city of Sawai Madhopur. There are zero proofs about the building of the Khandar fort. However, one positive thing is that this fort has reached its zenith around 12th century. The fort has been built by following the prehistoric standards of the Indian architecture. Due to a good feature of its positioning on the erect high knoll, it was very hard for the opponents to attack the Khandar fort. Hence, it was considered as an “insurmountable citadel”.

10. The Mansarovar and Gilai Sagar Lakes : Mansarovar and Gilai Sagar are 2 chief rivers outside the area that create a center of attention to thousands of drifting birds all through the winter season. This is a perfect destination for all bird watchers.

11. The Chouth Mata Temple : The Chouth Mata temple is situated 25 kilometers from the city of Sawai Madhopur. This temple is located on a knoll in the vicinity of the “Chauth Ka Barwara” city which is well-known a powerful temple of the Goddess Devi.

12. The Shiwad Temple : The Shiwad Temple is famous for the “Ghushmeshwar Mahadeo” temple devoted to the powerful Lord Shiva. Thousands of people from various part of the country arrive at this temple to ask for the blessings of Lord Shiva. An impressive fort that is suspended on a petite knoll is one more lure of this temple.

How to reach Sawai Madhopur?

By train : The city of Sawai Madhopur is located on the major railway line amid Delhi & Mumbai. Also, this city is well connected to Jaipur city. Regular express trains such as Rajdhani and Jan Shatabdi run between these cities. The total travel time from Sawai Madhopur to Jaipur city is more or less 2 hours and 30 minutes. The travel time to Mumbai is about 15 hours and to Delhi is about 5 hours.
By Bus : One can easily reach the city of Sawai Madhopur by bus also. There are many well-maintained roads that links this city to other famous tourism places in Rajasthan and also to its nearby states such as Bharatpur (166 km), Kota (217 km), Agra (226 km), Jaipur (180 km) and Delhi (434 km).

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