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Located at the heart of the desert, the Jaisalmer city in western Rajasthan is not a runaway in actuality. But this city attracts the tourists and visitors through its exquisiteness and charisma. The Jaisalmer city will continue to be an anonymity for those people who haven’t visited this desert city as they do not know how a place in the center of the desert could be a magnet for sightseers who arrive at the city in such huge figures. At present, Jaisalmer has become a well-liked place for desert safaris as well.

Popularly known as the ‘Golden City’, the idealistic sand banks of the barren region are beguiling. In fact, you can see the sands of Jaisalmer coming to life when the sun rays strike the sand and sketch a blissful portrait. In the same way, the stone- & wood- carved manor houses and structures that were constructed by Rajput emperors in the past are equally mind-blowing. All these traditional touches bestow an innovative spirit to Jaisalmar town at the core of the desert.

History of Jaisalmer

In the year 1156, Jaisalmer city was established by ‘Bhatti Rajput Rawal Jaisal’. At the time of the medieval epoch, Jaisalmer city had materialized as a chief “buy and sell” path hub between India and other western nations. You can find Pakistan to the west of Jaisalmer. Also, you can see Bikaner (one more fine-looking Rajput legacy metropolis) to the south of Jaisalmar.

Population in Jaisalmer

The secluded spot of Jaisalmer also grants a tranquil and calm atmosphere to the municipality. When compared to other towns of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is sparsely inhabited.

Weather conditions of Jaisalmar

Jaisalmer is a place that has an archetypal weather of the desert. In summer season the place will literally boil whereas in winter season, the place is very cool and agreeable. People feel that there is an insufficiency in the amount of rainfall. In summer season, the dust squalls may be average throughout the hours of daylight. It is very normal that the temperature of Jaisalmar would mount as much as 45 degrees and even above during summer season. Renowned ‘places of interest’ in Jaisalmer:

Jain Temples : The famous attraction of Jaisalmer is the Jain temples that occupy this destination predominantly. There are 3 elegantly carved Jain temples that are devoted to Sambhavanathji, Ashthapadi and Rishabhdevji. The embellishment of these 3 temples has been carried out by following the architectural style of the “Dilwara temple” at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. The architecture will be a treat to your eyes. There is one more emerald green image of ‘Mahavira’ within the temple grounds.

Jaisalmer Fort : The Jaisalmer Fort is the 2nd primitive fort of Rajasthan state. This Fort is situated on the “Trikuta hills”. The fort has a 250 foot high plinth. You can see 5 gorgeous fortresses within the Jaisalmer fort. They are: Akhai Vilas, Sarvottam Vilas, Rang Mahal, Moti Mahal and Gaj Mahal. A well-built and good-looking “latticework (or Jali) “ have been created in order to shield the interiors of these palaces from the ferocious temperature and desert storms. The Rang Mahal, the most admired palace has a number of beautiful as well as rare fresco paintings.

Desert Culture Center & Museum : The Desert Culture Centre & Museum owns a notable anthology of traditional Rajasthani possessions that are very popular all over the country. These consist of antique coins, several types of fabrics & materials and antique Rajasthani musical instruments. A number of relics that were found in the barren region are also kept for public display. A quick sneak peek to the museum shall offer a brief idea about the culture and history of ancient Rajasthan to the tourists and visitors.

The Havelis of Jaisalmer : The Havelis of Jaisalmer are the great instances of the architectural vividness and brilliance of the Rajput emperors. The Havelis are the best places to understand and appreciate the Rajasthani tradition. A few of the admired “Havelis” are Nathmalji-ki-Haveli, Patwon-Ki-Haveli & Salim Sing ki-Haveli. The intricate drawings in the well-appointed interiors and the walls of this place offers a grand appearance to the Havelis.

Sam : Sam is a place at the heart of the desert. You can reach this place easily from Jaisalmer and it is a place worth visiting. In this place, you can have a glimpse and even lay a hand on the unique patterns that are engraved by the sand winds of the desert. A terrific experience for all tourists would be the thrilling camel rides on the sandbanks of the Sam.

Akal Wood Fossil Park : The Akal Wood Fossil Park will take you back to the antediluvian era. This park is a twenty one hectare commons area. The park has some invaluable collected works. There are remnants ‘tree’ logs and fathomless stalks that dates back to several thousand years back. The Akal Wood Fossil Park is situated in the remote areas of Jaisalmer city.

The Lodurva : Lodurva is a place that is located at a distance of sixteen kilometers away from Jaisalmer. The Lodurva is a well-liked place for outing. This place has wreckages of numerous Jain temples and other tombstones. You will be really surprised to see a number of peacocks roaming around the Lodurva. Also, one can find a splendid man-made pool known as “Amar Sagar”.

Useful Travel tips:

1. Best Time to Visit Jaisalmar : The best time to visit Jaisalmar is between November and February.

2. Ways of transportation to Jaisalmer:

  • By Air : The closest airport is located in Jodhpur. Jaisalmer city is 285 kilometers away from Jodhpur.
  • By Train: Even though train facilities in Jaisalmer city is not really agreeable, there is straight ‘meter gauge’ service amid Jodhpur & Jaisalmer. Luxury trains such as “The Royal Orient Express” and “The Palace on Wheels” also count Jaisalmer.
  • By Bus : Standard sumptuous bus transports are available to Jaisalmer city from Jodhpur town. Bus facilities are available from the New Delhi and from the other places of Rajasthan.

3. Best items to shop in Jaisalmer : Jaisalmer is famous for an assortment of merchandise. You can find gorgeous sewing works, rugs, Rajasthani mirror work outfits, striking traditional pieces of art and blankets. Tourists love the exclusive silver jewelry and the colorful carpets that are made out of camel hairs.

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