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The Magnificent Bundi in Rajasthan State – Rajasthan Plus

The Magnificent Bundi in Rajasthan State

place to visit

place to visit in bundi

Bundi is a small yet pretty township that is situated in the south-eastern part of Rajasthan. In essence, Bundi is positioned on the mounts of a knoll. This beautiful city is bordered by the prehistoric ‘Aravalli mountains’. This province was once occupied by a tribial group known as ‘Meena’ and thus the region got the name “Bunda Meena”. The neighborhood of Bundi city was known as ‘Hadoti’. This place used to be the residence of ancient ‘Chauhans’. Over centuries, this province was divided and got developed into two major towns known as ‘Kota’ & ‘Jhalawar’. Bundi with its inimitable forts, ‘Baoris’ (water reservoirs or stepwells), fortresses and an appealing lagoon has caught the attention of numerous tourists from the past.

History of Bundi

The city of Bundi has one of the most amazing histories that a province could possess. For more than 600 years, countless combats and wars were held at Bundi among the great Marathas, Rajput families, and of course, the British. In due course, it was the Bundi city that embraced failure not in terms of martial failures but the failures of statesmanship. Around 1264 A.D, due to the incapability of the city, Bundi was named as ‘Kota’ when the Mughal emperor ‘Shah Jahan’ gave Bundi region to the 14 year old ‘Madho Singh’. Later, in the year 1838, Bundi was obliged to segregate its terrain when king “Zalim Singh” cleaved an additional state out of Bundi and named it as “Jhalawar”. When the British took over India and established themselves in Southern and Eastern parts of Rajasthan, Bundi turned out to be a very feeble and immobilized corollary of Kota city. On the other hand, in contrast to Kota & Jhalawar, Bundi got its sovereignty from the British rule subsequent to the rebellion in the year 1857.

Tourist Attractions of Bundi

There are neumerous tourist spots in Bundi which are considered to be the major attention grabbers of this city. Some of the most excellent tourist spots in Bundi are listed below :

The ‘Gorgeous’ Bundi Palace : The beautiful Palace of Bundi is positioned on the pedestal of (one part) of the fortification. The Bundi palace was constructed between 15th to 16th century. The palace is renowned for its unique construction and stunning fresco paintings on the inner walls. The entryway of the palace are manifested by beautiful sculptures of elephants that stands as the sentinels at the gateways. You can see the quads and “Hallway of public audience” in this palace. The fortress glows beautifully in the hours of darkness.

The Taragarh Fort : The Taragarh fort is suspended on a small knoll. It is a colossal citadel. This fort offers a fantastic view of the entire Bundi city. The Taragarh Fort was built roughly around the 1354 A.D and the fort is still clutched to its splendor and glory. At the pedestal of the hills, one can find a lake and a water reservoir. The Taragarh fort marks to the major combats known as “Bhim Burj”. At this place, one can spot a notable field gun. You can view the attention-grabbing ‘far-off’ knolls from the Taragarh fort. The most exciting feature of Taragarh fort is the ‘eye-catching’ sunset sight.

The Sukh Mahal : The popular Sukh Mahal is a fine-looking fortress situated on the banks of the Sukh Sagar lake. At present, the Sukh mahal, serves as an “Irrigation rest house”. In the central point, there is a commemorative plaque on the summit of a 2 storey building.

Baoris and Tanks : Predominantly, Bundi city is eminent for its “Baoris” or water reservoirs or stepwells. There are about fifty “Baoris” at Bundi. In olden times, these water reservoirs (stepwells) were the most important resources of amassing and distributing the water in that area. On the other hand, the contemporary systems have turned them into a time-consuming process. Hence, most of the Baoris are dried up now. The most important baoris of this place are the Nawal Sagar, Nagar Sagar Kund and Raniji Ki Baori. The illustrious Raniji Ki Baori was consturcted towards the last part of 17th century. This baori has a depth of 46 metres. There is also a beautiful temple of God Varuna that is swamped in the water and can be reached by a boat cruise. The Nawal Sagar is a huge ‘non-natural’ lake in square shape. This lake is cracked down into several tiny islands. It is a commonly visited attraction in Bundi.

Ways of Transportation to Bundi

By Air : The closest airport would be at the Jaipur city and is about 209 kms away from Bundi. Flight travel is a bit chaotic and is not a suitable way of transportation to reach Bundi city.
By Train : There is a railway station that offers regular train services to major metropolis such as Chittaurgarh, Kota and Agra on a regular basis. From the city of Kota, you can board a train as it is further well-connected to several other cities even outside the state of Rajasthan.
By Bus : Long distance buses for Bundi city are accessible from cities like Kota, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur , Jaipur and Bikaner. You can reach Bundi by boarding a bus from any of these cites.

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